Jed and me

I use the JED editor on a bunch of different machines (Various x86/Linux, two sparc/Linux, one Alpha/DGUX, one x86/Sco3.2, and even on some Win/WinNT machines). I work as a C programmer, and JED is the primary editor I use at the moment.

Jed on Windows

Well, this was some years ago: right know my laptop still runs only Linux (Fedora Core 3), but my main development machine at work runs Windows 2003, so lately I'm been busy trying to make jed work nicely on this system. So I have some patches for jed on Windows. I have also prepared an installer to easy WJed installation and upgrading.

See Jed on Windows for more info.

Jed and SLang macros

I wrote some scripts.

Note: these pages are out of date, my scripts changed a lot since last update. I'm slowly working on a complete rewrite of this site, but don't hold your breath.

Meanwhile, the old pages are still here.

I tried to make the archives self-contained, so you will find certain files in most packages. Instead you may want to get all of this in a single shot, plus a lot of other things, from the All in one page.

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