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After a lot of time I did an updated package for Jes on Windows. As an experiment, instead of modifing this static page, I decided to go web 2.0 and use blogger for my new messages about Jed, and hopefully something more. So go to my shiny new blog.
as you can't add files to blogger, the installer will still be hosted here.

Here you can find patches for Jed on Windows, and Windows installer for WJed.
Or if you want, you can get the installer going to WJed installer History.

Patches for Jed

Saldy, some years ago the company where I work decided to dump the old SCO 3.2.4 (circa 1992), and use Windows instead. So I'm payed to port a lot of C code from Unix to Windows, and the new programs are written directly for this platform.

I was so used to Jed and so happy with it, that I started to use WJed for almost every editing need. And while we use Visual Studio for development, I often switch to Jed when I write C code.

But Windows and Unix are very different beasts. A Windows program should do a lot of things to be useable. Even Installation on Windows is a mess, from a Linux user point of view (the funny thing is this is also true backwards: for a Windows user handling installations on Unix is a nightmare).

Lately I decided to make WJed a bit more "well behaved" Windows applications. So I have a couple of small patches. There used to be a list of patches, but prereleases of SLang and Jed come out very fast, making most of these obsolete quickly. You can get my current list of patches grabbing the last installer, installing it and looking in patches directory.

UPDATE!I found some time to update the archive with patches below, up to the jed-b0.99-17.111-s2.0.4-i125.exe Installer.

You can get the patches from jed-patches.tar.gz

WJed Installer

One of my coworkers prepares the packages for our programs using the beautiful Inno Setup, a tool to create installers for Windows. He was very kind and showed me how to build one, so I did installers for WJed.

To get the package, go to the Installer history section, or simply scroll down a bit, and pick the most recent version, choosing either the stable release or experimental.
I keep there also the old releases, mainly for regression testing.

The installation gives you jed.exe (console version), wjed.exe (gui version) and slsh.exe (slang shell).

Marco Mahnič contributed a set of icons for jed, slsh and slang documents (and told me how to do a lot of things). So, thanks to him, we have some cool icons!

In the installation directory you will find all the patches applied, and also the setup file for Inno Setup, so you should be able to recreate the packages.

These binaries are compiled with Visual Studio 6 sp6, and tested on Windows 2003, Windows 2000, and Windows 98 (2nd edition). It should work also on Windows 95, and other variants. Reports welcome.

WJed binaries history

There I keep the history of lastest updates. Lately a lot of work was done to prepare SLang 2, a new SLang version with a lot of interesting features. This is not the right place to look at this, news will be available at SLang Homepage. The most interesting features are UTF-8 support everywhere, and a lot of enhancements to scripting language.

Most SLang changes are tested using an updated version of Jed (even if not so many application changes are needed, and mostly for UTF-8 support), and this version will become jed 0.99-17.

Stable releases

If after reading this, you are too scared to run a higly experimental version, There are the stable versions:

Experimental releases

Much more happens on the experimental side:

WJed Installer future

I will follow future Jed and SLang development, trying to build installers as soon as a new version comes out.
On the installer side, it now can install a set of .bat 'helpers' to allow running Jed from command line without adding the jed installation path to PATH. I'm also working to make slsh useful on Windows. From jed-B0.99-17.82 it can be used, the ability to build slang as DLL is working, and I also compiled a module (slsmg).

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