Unicode support for WJed

SLang 2 has support for UTF-8 in the interpreter and in the screen interface (SLsmg). The first application to use these capabilities is Jed: John did all the changes to enable the tty Unix version to handle UTF-8 files and terminals.
Others ports of Jed still needs to be modified to be able to work in unicode mode. As I'm using Windows at work, lately I did some work to make Jed and SLang behave a little better on this environment.
My latest effort woes exactly this way: I rewrote some parts of WJed drawing to use unicode functions.

The results can be seen in the following screenshots, taken running my WJed on Windows 95A (installed on vmware), and opening UTF-8-demo.txt:

Note that most unicode fonts shipped with Windows have only a limited set of glyps. To see all the characters you need a more complete font. A list of free (for various meanings of "free") unicode fonts look at Unicode Font Guide For Free/Libre Open Source Operating Systems (you need a monospaced font for use with wjed).

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Last Updated : Tue Apr 26 20:12:22 2005