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I tried hard to make some of these scripts self-contained. For this reason you will find the same files in many of the archives. Futhermore, I wrote a lot of other things, but a mix of laziness, lack of time, and my poor english prevents me from documentings those. If you know well S-Lang, or you are just curious enough, you may find some interesting things in my full configuration.

Archive Organisation

Opening the archive, you will find a rather complex directory structure, based at the user home directory.
At work other people use jed with my scripts, so this complex organization allows me to have only one copy of the scripts in local/jed-sau in my home directory. Every user has a copy of .jedrc file and the .jed directory.
.jedrc is a stub, it simply evals in _my_ local/jed-sau directory. This script prepends $HOME/.jed and $SAU_JED_DIR/local/jed-sau to the LIBRARY_PATH, then evals $HOME/.jed/ and all the other scripts (so the user may have a different local copy of some of these). At the end $HOME/.jed/ and $HOME/.jed/ are evaluated.

Get it here: full archive of my Jed configuration tree.

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