Programming Helpers

These are some functions I wrote to simplify my work as a programmer.

new_top_of_function() and new_end_of_function() are clever replacements for standard {top,end}_of_function(). I search backwards (forward for end_) for an unmatched parenthesis, until there are no more. These are not fooled by comments.

With the same primitives is implemented find_delimiter(), it finds the first unmatched parenthesis. Useful when you want to go to the previous scope level.

c_make_h_file() simply wraps the current file with standard #ifndef / #define / #endif preprocessor directives for include files.

get_protos(), searches for C functions in the current buffer, and writes a prototype for each function. The prototypes are written between two special comments (as created by make_proto_ph(), or at the end of file. Static functions are written to current file, while non-static ones go to matching .h file, if it exists.

get_function_name() shows the name of the current function as a message()

Get it: progmisc.tar.gz

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