Character Table for JED

What is it is a jed extension mode that offers a table of characters known from many editors as special characters feature. Written by Günter Milde with major contributions by Sangoi Dino (this is also, why it is to be found here).

Ideal for characters you use very seldom and don't remember the compose-key (or digraph) sequence. Also this allows you to search for a special character, just in case you don't know whether it is in the set or not.

The function char_table pops up an window with all the characters, so one can choose any special character in an easy way. Use special_chars if you only want the upper part of the characters.

The characters are arranged according to the chosen number-encoding (octal vs. decimal, say). Actually you can choose between any encoding with a base between 2 and 16. Of course you can also choose a different layout using custom variables.



The following custom variables let you modify the layout of the table

ChartableTabSpacing: sets TAB for the char-table buffer (default 4)
ChartableNumBase: numerical basis of character encoding (default 10)
ChartableCharsPerLine: number of displayed chars in one line (default number base)
ChartableStartChar: First character to show in list if char_table is invoked without arguments (default 0)

Furthermore you can define a chartable_mode_hook to e.g. customize the keybindings. (See hooks.txt of your jed documentation for more info on hooks.)

How to use it

To use it, do something like
   define autoload_add_completion (fun, where_from)
      autoload (fun, where_from);
      add_completion (fun);
   autoload_add_completion ("char_table", "");
   autoload_add_completion ("special_chars", "");
And to have it in the menu (as subtopic of Edit, just before the Rectangles), do something like
   define chartable_load_popup_hook (menubar)
    menu_insert_item ("&Rectangles", "Global.&Edit", "&Special Chars", "special_chars");
   append_to_hook ("load_popup_hooks", &chartable_load_popup_hook);

Get it here: chtable.tar.gz

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